K2 Incense Recipes

K2 Incense Recipes

K2 incense products are sweeping the nation and is probably being sold somewhere in your local area. With all of the hype and media around these k2 herbal products, we all want to know what are K2 incense recipes? These herbal smoking blends are sold as incense and potpourri. These herbal variations are meant to be burned in the form of an incense and not smoked.

Some countries and states have already made the decision to ban these and similar products. Since then, new blends of K2 incense products have been introduced to comply with the law. New K2 variations are being introduced to circumvent the new laws. These herbal incense products are fairly new and are sold in various forms such as traditional incense blends, capsules, liquids and powders.  

There are many different methods to use these products but we only recommend the legal and logical methods. It is more likely for the United States government to control the production, sale, and possession of synthetic cannabinoids that it is to ban them completely.

Would you know the difference between K2 herbal blend and marijuana? Would you know if someone was smoking K2 incense in your home? When the K2 incense is still in a solid form, it’s resembles your average blend of potpourri that you can find just about anywhere. This makes it even more difficult to discern the difference between these products and actual incense blends.

There have been some new blends of K2 products that have shocked the marketplace and shown others why K2 has become such a well known entity. One of the new blends is known by K2 Amazonian, which is a liquid extract. There aren’t many explanations as of how to use this blend. Another fairly new K2 blend is the K2 Thai Dream, which is a pill form of K2 . There weren’t many other explainations to the administration of this drug, but what else can you do with a pill?

When used properly, these K2 incense products will provide a relax, euphoric experience.
These herbal smoke products have also been noted to sharpen the senses relax the mind. We can’t tell you how to use your herbal blends, but please do so responsibly.

k2 incense effects

K2 Incense Effects

Anyone who uses K2 herbal incense and other related products should definitely learn the K2 incense effects beforehand. K2 incense blends are herbal blends that are said to have the same effects as marijuana. Herbal incense blends have been used for centuries for various beneficial purposes but has been used in different form lately. Consumers are turning to these herbal products as substitutes to weed.

These products have even been coined the name “Legal Buds”, amongst many consumers and manufacturers. This fad has continued to grow into a worldwide epidemic because these herbal substances seem to being fulfilling this purpose. These blends are created with common marijuana names and even produced or flavored to mimic certain stands of marijuana.

What are the K2 incense effects and what chemicals are being used? JWH-018 and two other synthetic cannaabinoids have been noted to be the main ingredients in these herbal smoke blends. The JWH-018 compound was created by a college professor by the name of John Huffman in the mid 1990’s. These chemicals are thought to be the main reason users achieve the elevating feeling. After modifications to meet the DEA’s banned on these synthetic compounds, herbal incense manufacturers continue to sell these products at alarming rates.

So how do you use these herbal incense blends? When using K2 incense products you do not need to inhale the herbal smoke directly as done with marijuana.With a quality herbal incense blend the only thing you’d have to do is inhale these products from the air around you. These herbs are said to provide relaxing effects that are similar to marijuana in some ways and different in their own ways.

The media, news articles and manufacturers may lead you to think that these K2 incense products are exactly like marijuana, but they’re many differences between the two. The first difference in these two herbs in the way that they are consumed. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to puff on these herbal incense blends like you would with weed or tobacco. You simply need to be in the same vicinity of the burning incense in order to feel the effects.

Some of the common k2 incense effects include paranoia, nausea, short-term memory loss, headaches, vomiting, seizures and in some cases periods of unconsciousness.

K2 Incense Side Effects

K2 Incense Side Effects

If you are in search of the K2 incense side effects, you should know that not every blend of K2 and other similar products are developed entirely of of herbs. Some of the K2 products are offerend in syntheitc cannibanoids that are sprayed or blended with the berbs and botanicals. Some of the Known blends that contain said compounds are K2 Summit, K2 Ultra and K2 Blonde. The only K2 products that contain herbal mixtures without additional compounds are K2 Solid sex, K2 Sky, K2 Thai Dream, K2 Orisha, and K2 Amazonian Shelter.

Herbal smoking blends such as the K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, and K2 Ultra are not all natural. This means that these blends may include other ingredients such as thyme, basil, and household herbs like oregano. What you will find in these herbal incense blends is synthetic compounds that were developed for various other reasons. A couple of the most common synthetic cannabinoids that were found in dozens of herbal incense products are JWH-018 and JWH-073.  

Most people do not understand that it is synthetic compounds in these herbal smoke products that give you the feeling of being high. These substances are very similar to TCH because they reacto to the CB receptors of the brain. In simple terms, your brain reacts to these substances the same way the would to THC in marijuana.

These chemicals have been placed on a temporary ban for evaluation but there are some modified blends that meet the legal standards. Now that you know this, the air is cleared and you know that it is not illegal to possess, smoke, or grow these products.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that although there aren’t any permanent federal laws yet, there are state laws that you may want to get familiar with. Some states still allow the purchase and usage of these herbal incense products and some of these states have already made these substances illegal. With that being said, you may want to do some additional research on your local region.

These herbal incense blends are not for human consumption and should be used as marketed on the package.

K2 Incense Facts

K2 Incense Facts

K2 Incense Facts

K2 incense smoke is a natural mixture of botanicals and herbs. Some of the herbs that are included in these unique blends can be as common as some of the herbs and seasonings that you have in your kitchen pantry. Some of the herbs included may not be so familiar since you would probably never use them on their own.

Botanicals are various sections of plants and in some cases the entire plant is used. After they are gathered, these botanicals are then processed so that they can mix blended with other herbal ingredients. Some of the processing methods include the crushing of various parts of the plant to use the juices if the plant produces a fruit. If the botanicals being used are from a woody plant, they are proabably being processed for sap. Leaves and stems are also grounded and chopped to process them to be mixed with a special mix of herbal ingredients. 

Listed below are some of the ingredients that are included in many of the K2 brand products.Some of these ingredients include the beach bean, Clematis vitab, Nelumbo nucifera, Ledum palustre and Heimia salicifolia. Many of these example ingredients listed are used to influence the aroma or taste of a certain blend of herbal incense.

Once these herbs and botanicals have been processed, they may then be blended with proprietary ingredients or the company’s unique ingredients. many of these ingredients are used to set one corporation’s blend from another. Each brand name attempts to create their own special blends to set them apart from the hundreds of competitors who all claim to have better blends. Because there are so many different brand name herbal smoke providers in the marketplace, developing your own unique and captivating blend can be the difference between selling out of stock and losing business to a competitor.

When these K2 incense blends are used correctly, they can assist to take your mind and body to another realm during yoga and meditation procedures. These products are meant to be burned as incense and not inhaled in your throat. When burned, these effective incense permeate the air with soothing fragrances.

Just like any other substance, the individual effects of K2 herbal smoking blends and similar products will vary depending on the person. You make be in a room with a friend who does not feel anything while you are floating on cloud 9.

K2 Incense Drug Test

K2 Incense Drug Test

With all of the positive and negative reviews regarding K2 and other herbal smoke blends, we can come to the conclusion that these products are not Cannabis, they don’t contain THC. With that being said, you would believe that after you smoke these herbs, your drug test should come back clean. It is true that these K2 products are legal and do not contain any of the pending controlled substances. Another fact to keep in mind is that these synthetic cannabinoids that were used in production are not in the same family as THC.

I am a regular K2 and Space Cadet herbal incense smoker and I recently had to take a professional drug screening for a job interview. The weird thing about taking this test was that my drug test results were inconclusive. This means that there were traces of THC in my system but not enough to set off a positive reaction in the drug screening. Inaccurate drug screening tests or home drug tests may take this inconclusive data and take this as a positive result for THC. You also have to remember that every human body is different so your personal results will vary.  

I say that this test was inconclusive because the test results were not definite. The test that I took had a faint (barely noticeable) in the THC section. Most standard drug screening tests search for other drugs such as Cocaine, PCP and many other controlled substances. To be honest, my test results could have been read as positive depending on how you read the results. With inconclusive results such as mine, the drug screening test would probably lead to a full blown blood test for more definite conclusions.

If you already use these herbal incense products or are on the fence about using this herbal blends as alternatives to marijuana, make sure you don’t have any drug test scheduled. The truth is that none of us truly know what compounds are being used in these smoking blends. These herbal incense blends are not intended to be smoked only inhaled so you are already taking a risk by doing so. On another note, if you have a scheduled drug screening test for employment or are currently on probation, it may be a good idea to avoid these products altogether.

K2 Incense Ingredients

K2 Incense Ingredients

K2 Herbal Incense or “Legal Buds”, have grown to become extremely well-known as legal substitutions for marijuana. With all of the media coverage and news articles on this subject, we all want to know, “What are K2 incense ingredients?”

K2 herbal incense are natural herbal blends that utilize ingredients such as canavalia rosea, clematis nuciferia, heima salicfolia, and ledum palustre. There have been many sources to confirm that  K2 once contained synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018 and JWH-073 which when burned or smoked can cause similar intoxicating effects similar to cannabis. This synthetic compound does not show up on the standard drug test which has certainly made it a crowd favorite.K2 Incense Ingredients

These K2 herbal incense products and others are clearly marked, not for human consumption and was developed to be burned and not smoked. There are many cases where users misused these herbal incense products and suffered unwanted side effects.

So what about all of the other products like K2 and Space Cadet?

Despite all of the negative new coverages, the producers of the K2 products continue to state that their products are safe and that no real damage has been done by these products. Knock offs and various low quality herbal blends have began to hit the market at alarming rates. Some of the low quality herbal smoking blends do not list any of their ingredients at all. Whenever you purchase K2 or any other brand of herbal blends for that matter, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable retailer.

What effect does the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 have on the brain?
The synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 was developed by a chemist from Clemson University by the name of John Huffman. This compound was originally developed as a pain reliever and has coined other usages as well.

THC, the main ingredient in marijuana reacts and binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain which are associated with pain relief. Huffman’s testing concluded that this compound reacted to the CB1 receptor which is assocciated with phychotrophic effects and not the CB2 receptor which is associated with pain relief. With that being said, these compounds are prone to provide hallucinations and marijuana-like effects but serves no medical purpose at all. This is the main reason that so many officials are looking to keep all products containing these compounds off the market for good.